Project Description

Additional set of SMART 12V Jumper Cables. 

This updated SMART Cable comes with a more intelligent current sensing system that will alert you if the car is ready to jump or not, making Jump Starting easy and safe.

Safety Features:

  • Cross Polarity Protection – If the user hooks them up backwards you have no spark. Red LED on Clamp will let you know something is not right.
  • No Spark Safety – There is no spark when hooking clamps to the vehicle, even if the clamps touch together, still no spark. Clamps become active once they recognize a good connection with vehicle battery.
  • Short Circuit Protection – If the vehicle has a short in the battery circuit the Smart Clamp will automatically shut down.
  • Reverse Charge Protection – Once vehicle is started Clamps will automatically shut down,
  • LED Feedback – LED’s on clamp will flash to let user know of trouble with either unit or vehicle. Number of flashes determine trouble code that can be referenced.
  • Buzzer warning – When short-circuit occurs in starting, or reverse connection to the car battery positive and negative pole or high temperature of clamps, buzzer will beep.
  • Auto-shutoff – Once vehicle is started Clamps will automatically shut down.

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