As it is know to us,it rains frequently in Spring and Summer, so many drivers worry that they may come across water diffuse road in unfamiliar areas and it is very dangerous to drive. As to this problem, I will come up with some suggestions to share together.

Firstly, drivers should care for depth of the water and brake to avoid shut down of engine and brake efficiency. If the water is over exhaust pipe, it may cause vehicles to shut down very easily, at this case, drivers should drive along shallow water line as possible as they can. If the water is just over depth of half tire, drivers may cross it carefully, but consider the efficiency of brake may become weaker after wading water, drivers should pay attention to brake and hand brake after crossing water diffuse road. If the water is totally over tire, I suggest drivers had better not cross it, or the vehicle may shut down very easily , at this case, drivers must choose other road or cross until the water become shallower.

Secondly, get to know the condition of water diffuse road. As we know, on the rainy day, the water on the road is very cloudy, but we can judge the basic road situation by observing. Generally, the place which have waves and whirlpool possibly spreads big rocks and other blocks, on the contrary, the water is deeper. In addition ,there is  another road condition, the place which is wide and has uniform waves is shallow water layer, it is fit to cross. Besides, if the rain is heavy, shoulder and substructure of road will become soft even collapse because of rain’s soak and scour, so drivers must drive cross road very cautiously in case of accident.

Thirdly, protect electrical appliances of vehicles and air inlet. Before wading water, drivers had better check all the electrical appliances and connectors ensure they are sealed and safe. If necessary, change and adjust the location and height of inlet and exhaust. Trying to keep vehicle steady when wading the water to escape soaking electrical appliances or causing water to enter air intake system of engine.

Last but not least, when drive on the water diffuse road, shift down gear, make speed slower on purpose to performance torque force of engine and keep vehicle steady. At the same, control accelerate to avoid slipping of tire.

In conclusion, above are some effective methods to help drivers to drive on the rainy day safely and I recommend that you can try it !