For now, jump starter has been becoming more and more prevalent and practical in modern life and be used widely. But here is a problem for buyers: how to choose the high efficiency jump starters correctly? Followings are some guides for you!

  • Firstly, get to know the related certificates. As it is know to us, in modern society, certificate plays a necessary role to indicate quality and safety of products. so, as to jump starters, sellers must provide some basic certificates, such as CE,FCC,ROHS. In addition, buyers can also check whether the adapter has passed UL,GS and other related certifications! So buyers can get some quality assurance before purchasing.
  • Secondly, get to know safety protection. In general, Jump starter must have over-discharge, overload and short circuit protection. It can protect battery, extend product’s lifetime and ensure the safety of product. And now, most of jump starters that are equipped with smart clamps, which verify proper connection and make Jump Starting easy and safe! Although smart clips make the price increase, but choose a jump starter equipped with high quality smart clamps is very essential!
  • Thirdly, get to know the capacity of battery. Generally, the capacity is matched with volume, so if the jump starter that is small volume shows an excessive higher capacity, you should be cautious because it is absolutely fake!
  • Last but not least, get to know the warnings and warranty. Commonly, the instructions of jump starters have written warnings and warranty. Buyers should know the related using warnings clearly, such as operating temperature, models of vehicles, correct using methods and so on to judge if the jump starter can be applied for you! Besides, the warranty is also important, some of jump starters are 12 months, some of them are 24months, it is different, so buyers should learn it and make a right choice!

To conclude, above are some useful guides and I hope that will help you!